Solar Solutions from BMD Design Studios and Tesla

Tesla and Tehran-based BMD Design Studios have collaborated to create a solar solution for residential living.

The Alavi House in Isfahan, Iran synthesizes site location, placement of vegetation, materials use, and Tesla’s solar roof concept to create an energy and eco-wise home that’s a model of sustainability.

The home is sited to take advantage of prevailing winds: air is purified by passing over evergreen trees and an indoor garden of snake plants before entering the structure via controllable vents for natural air flow and cooling.

Concrete cladding absorbs solar heat for thermal distribution to the interior on cooler days.

Tesla’s solar roof—comprised of a “double-skin” with 104 cleverly disguised solar modules—stores energy from the sun to power the home, “capable of meeting a minimum of 29,000 kWh a year, far exceeding the average electricity consumption of an Iranian household.”

On the South side, insulated glazing allows for passive solar gain, while framing a lovely view.

See BMD Design Studios and Tesla for further details.

Posted August 11, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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