Vado presents V-Touch faucet

Touch, tap or scroll: electronics from televisions, air conditioners and ipods to heart rate monitors and air conditioners have, through the use of digital controls, given us the ability to adjust volume, speed, channels and temperatures very precisely. It was only a matter of time before these gadgets made their way to our bathrooms.  Vado presents a faucet fit for the iphone generation, operated via touch pad controls. 

V-Touch. Designed by Vado.

Although we're accustomed to normal faucets, they have their fair share of problems.  Nudge the knob or lever a bit too far and cold water is suddenly scorching hot, or a drop of water (intended to wet a contact lens) becomes Niagara Falls, (accidentally washing away, rather than wetting, the contact). The V-Touch faucet  is a modern, digital basin mixer manufactured by UK based company Vado. It allows the user to control the water flow and temperature through a touch-pad. Old-school methods which consisted of adjusting knobs and levers to no end are now outdated.  For washing dishes, washing hands and showering, Vado can save on water consumption by eliminating the need to run the water prior to use. 


The water flow and thermostatically-controlled temperature are reflected in the digital display. A subtle, yet visible display of red and blue dots glows through the white Tecnoril material to indicate how warm or cool the water is.   The matte black spout intersects with the curved white curved body, the two elements arcing through one another. Vado plans to expand its collection with the latest in digital showering and wall mounted spout options for the basin and bath later in the year.

The digitial-driven bathroom was introduced by Grohe with the the Ondus Collection, an icon-based user-interface that operates the bath, sink and shower, aiming to reduce the complexity of everyday life through preset personalized bathing functions.  With all of the components currently available, the Ondus Collection is better suited to those anxious to experience the fully modernized bathroom. 

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Posted September 9, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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