3form and Louis Lim Team Up for Mobius

On display at WantedDesign Manhattan from May 19-23, 3form’s Dark Chroma Mobius Interactive Bench is an innovative interplay of texture, color, and light. Mobius overhead betterj The brain-child of Makingworks designer Louis Lim, Mobius is constructed of recycled resin thermo-formed around a wood core. Under Constructionj The result is a clever and circuitous facsimile of a bench—a pseudo-circular form that twists in upon itself like an infinity symbol or a snail’s shell. Mobius_4_Overhead with People But the real show-stopper is the bank of integrated, interactive lights peppered within and about every inch of the internal surface. The lights respond to pressure and touch—illuminating the entire bench in a rhythmic if ineffable pulse. Mobius internalj The innovative form and intriguing interactivity make it a springboard for reaction and discussion—ideal for public venues and collaborative work spaces. Mobius_3_Louis Lim Headshot See 3form for further information on Mobius and their collaboration with Louis Lim. And check out Mobius at WantedDesign Manhattan from May 19-23.
Posted May 16, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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