Spectrum Industries’ Flex-Flip Table

Spectrum Industries’ Flex-Flip Table

Spectrum Industries' Flex-Flip tables are aptly named. These flexible all-purpose collaboration tables are durable and mobile-"freeing up valuable space for storage."


The "Flip" in Flex-Flip is the easy 180-degree rotation the tabletop performs at user whim, priming it to be moved out of the way and stacked side-by-side.


The feature makes Flex-Flip extremely versatile--the perfect piece for classrooms, conference rooms, breakout workspaces, and training labs.


Flex-Flip comes standard with rolling casters and worktop height-adjustment. Options include a wire management kit, a cove power module, and over 70 color combinations including a dry-erase laminate top.


For additional information, contact Spectrum Industries.

Posted November 21, 2016 by Joseph Starr

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