Main Line Flax by Camira

Main Line Flax by Camira

When Camira began in 1974, the company offered Main Line, which grew in popularity thanks to Camira’s next-day delivery—“a rare concept at the time.” This year Camira is relaunching the fabric as Main Line Flax, a blend of wool and wild flax. Main Line Flax is produced at Camira’s own spinning plant as a 70/30 wool flax blend. The addition of flax makes the textile natural and hearty: “A symbol of purity, wild flax has been used in textiles for thousands of years thanks to its strong, long and smooth fibers found inside the stem of the plant.”

70/30 Wool Flax Blend

Main Line Flax comes in 41 nature-inspired colors: “Soft neutral undertones of creams, grays and browns cross other colors like seeds blown by the wind,” explains Camira. The palette is organic and rich. Euston is a deep aubergine that’s luscious and fruity; Stanmore is a bold turquoise that’s bright and aquatic; and Finsbury is a woody chartreuse that’s mossy and earthy. Neutrals offer rich texture and subtle variations as well.

Main Line Flax by Camira

Thanks to the blend of wool and flax, Main Line Flax is naturally flame-retardant, so the textile requires no harmful chemical treatment. This makes Main Line Flax a great option for healthcare and hospitality venues.

For specifying information, contact Camira: 317-484-0305.

Posted February 2, 2015 by Alicita Rodriguez

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