Take Shelter with Nest Shower Tray by Vitruvit

As a structure and an aesthetic construct, the nest had never received as much attention as it did during the Olympics. Thanks to the Beijing National Stadium, AKA the Bird’s Nest, the structure is popular with more than migrating birds. Taking its cue from the shelter made by birds, which is so artfully balanced and organically compelling, the Nest Shower Tray by Italian company Vitruvit infuses a small, compact space with high style.

Nest Shower Tray. Manufactured by Vitruvit.

Square Shower Tray is a Refuge Underfoot

Nest Shower Tray. Manufactured by Vitruvit.

Measuring only 90 x 90 cm (approximately 35 inches), Nest Shower Tray has the dynamic crosshatchings and random geometry of a well-built nest. The lines mimic twigs; the intersections create balance—the resulting tray is a platform on which to birth beauty. Shower on this simple square and let your body break through like a baby chick cracking from its egg.

Nest Shower Tray. Manufactured by Vitruvit.

Available in white or black, Nest Shower Tray is a concise mosaic of “timeless elegance and contemporary basic lines.” Practical and easy to maintain, this shower tray by Vitruvit packs a powerful punch in a small amount of bathroom real estate.

About the Manufacturer: Vitruvit is an Italian company that designs and manufactures bathroom fixtures. From shower trays to basins, commodes to collections, the products offered by Vitruvit are as artful as sculpture. In business for more than 50 years, Vitruvit has “carried out the dreams of young architects and all their revolutionary imaginations.”

Posted February 28, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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