Roca’s Intelligent Drain is Smart about Water Usage

I’m a huge fan of the digital display. This isn’t because I never learned how to tell time—something that today’s generation of internet kids is perhaps in danger of—but only because I rather enjoy the precision of actual numbers over the graphical/geometrical approximations of such. In fact, in my day job, which requires an occasional exactness with respect to timekeeping, I’m virtually beholden to a quick glance at the perfectly correct hour and minute as conveyed by my trusty Timex. If you share this particular predilection, then, there’s much to admire about manufacturer Roca’s Intelligent Drain. Not only is this classic accessory in simple chrome smart enough to quickly dispense with used or excess water, it knows exactly the quantity of said excess...

Intelligent Drain. Designed by Roca.

Water Consumption Display Encourages Conservation

...And it tells you so with its cleverly integrated digital display. You probably have never stopped to think twice about the aesthetic qualities of your drain plug, but Roca’s Intelligent Drain puts an end to that by advertising a rather crucial bit of information that pertains to your specific behavior. The face of the plug gives an exact accounting of your water consumption, forcing you to come to terms with such usage every time you wash your hands or splash your face. The feature is interesting for its own sake (I rather enjoy the experience of peering into my basin and finding a cool digital display), but it also encourages responsible behavior, visually and persistently reminding you that it’s so very easy to reduce your use.


About the Manufacturer: Roca was established 18 years back in Coalville, Leicestershire, UK as a subsidiary of Roca Sanitario S.A. The company provides an extensive range of bath products including water closets, bidets, sinks, countertops, vanities, and cabinets. Roca’s 2020 Vision Program (V2020) aims toward envisioning future demands in order to develop innovative products, thus satisfying pressing needs... “providing greater quality, new functions, innovative materials and advances in sustainability.”

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Posted April 14, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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