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“Season Three”

Just as things are coming together for Monarch following the successful launch of Smart Carpet (and the industry's first-ever product launch accompanied by a music video), Brick has hired Maggie Swindler to join the team. Little does he know that Maggie is directly connected to something in Russia (we don't actually know what yet). Monarch will have to overcome a new world of duplicity if they want to survive.

Season Three, Episode #01


It's NeoCon's 50th Birthday and Brick is hell-bent on doing something special to celebrate the year. Maggie, Brick's new hire, tags along to help (and likely scheme). At the same time, Abe goes to meet Big Ceasar to discuss a potentially ground-breaking concept to likewise celebrate NeoCon's birthday. Ryan is on the hunt for his mugger with the help of Sebastian, the new sherif in town.

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July 15, 2017.

“Season Two”

After the reincarnation of Brick's father, and his decision to sell Monarch, Brick and his cohorts attempt to destroy the firm, making it an unbuyable proposition. Their attempts only make the situation more difficult though, and Brick is forced to make a hard decision after an unlikely betrayal. A smart idea becomes their last-ditch effort to save the company, and some help from an unexpected source may prove the magic that’s needed to give the team a second chance. Will they come back with a bang, or let the flame fan out?

Season Two, Episode #06

“Is Your Carpet Smart?”

Jay and Brick need an unconvential launch for an unconventional product — "Smart Carpet." And what better way to celebrate new flooring innovation than with a music video? Brick, Wiz the Magnificent and Blake host auditions in search of the perfect film director. Will their surprise selection bring order to chaos, or will the project end in flames?

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Season Two, Episode #05


Now finally able to buy back their company, the Monarch team is able to push out their emprorer Kevin. With Brick and Sebastian on a mission to become one with nature on a local tour led by Chip DeGrace of Interface, Ryan and Whit take to the show floors at NeoCon where "Smart Carpet" is all anyone is talking about.

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Season Two, Episode #04

“The Wager”

Bentley offers to pay for half of the "Smart Carpet" prototype, which puts the Monarch team in a serious cash-flow bind: they’re cash-broke and need to come up with the second half of the funds or the deal’s off. With the Aeron Hockey tournament on the horizon, Brick slaps together a potentially winning idea. Will his gamble pay out, or will they they end up on ice?

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Season Two, Episode #03

“Magic Carpet Ride”

After a successful pitch with Bentley Mills at NeoCon, it is time for Monarch to present their pitch in Los Angeles. Without an actual prototype to share, and knowing that the deal could only be saved by pure magic, Brick makes a big ask of his father ahead of the pitch. Will Bentley Mills fall for the act and save Monarch?

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Season Two, Episode #02

“Happy, In Another Language”

The roles become reversed for Brick and his beloved intern, Kevin. After much effort, the Monarch team develops a "smart" idea in yet another attempt to save Monarch. The team pitches their idea at NeoCon with hopes of finding a firm at NeoCon to see their vision, and save their jobs from being shipped overseas.

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Season Two, Episode #01

“The NDA That Got Away”

The Monarch team is willing to go to the furthest extent to save the company. With a goal of destroying Monarch and making it unbuyable, their actions have a reverse effect and put the company in a predicament. Brick is approached by a mysterious triad, with a new, though quite familiar, member.

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“Season One”

Introducing Monarch, a quirky design firm populated by a vast array of personalities — including an expert furniture whisperer and a clueless intern. Thier escapades are anchored by NeoCon, the yearly interior design conference held in Chicago, but their antics float freely beyond the reaches of the Windy City. By land and sea we follow the team as they grow and shrink, sink and swim, interact with healthy design and source left-handed furntiure. In our first season we tackle issues as large as elephants, and as a serious as sitting.

Season One, Episode #06

“Sitting Is The New Smoking”

As NeoCon has finally returned, the Monarch team is on a mission-critical hunt for left-handed furniture (and thus a solution for their chair-less workplace). In the end it might not matter thoguh, as Brick is shocked by the appearance of his father, who has come to deliver some heartbreaking news for his son.

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Season One, Episode #05

“Luck Be a Leftie”

In fear of breaking the law, Brick rids the office of every chair and hides on the family yacht. While Kevin is sent on a mission by a mysterious Asian mob group, Designer Pages realizes the PR catastrophe that will come with their sponsoring of the "I.S.I.S" award show and searches for a qualified buyer. With NeoCon only a week away, the Monarch team makes the executive decision to let Franklin go while Brick snaps back into reality just in the nick of time.

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Season One, Episode #04

“50 Shades of White”

The Monarch team heads to New York to meet with the Godfather of Plumbing. With hopes of finding a solution to their (quite common) plumbing issue, their showroom tour takes a few unexpected turns. As Brick gets a notice from the FDA, Ryan's life is changed forever by the power of Toto.

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Season One, Episode #03

“Healthy Design”

Hosted by Designer Pages, a "Healthy Design" seminar takes place at Bentley with the help of Franklin, of course. As the Monarch team reluctantly attends, they work aggressively to "get sustainable." Meanwhile, Designer Pages plans on sponsoring the near approaching I.S.I.S awards. Back at Monarch, it’s sink or swim as a critical plumbing issue threatens an active project.

Sponsored by: Bentley

Season One, Episode #02

“Elephant In the Room”

With the help of an intern and our expert materials whisperer, Monarch hosts a seminar with Doug Shapiro of OFS Brands, who believes that he has the capability of reconfiguring space. The team is impressed with his striking new development, and is later invited to the International Sustainability Innovation Systems (I.S.I.S.) awards ceremony.

Sponsored by: OFS

Season One, Episode #01

“Seeking Kurt For Goldie”

The Monarch team is tasked with finding the perfect "Kurt Russel" for their top secret "Goldie Hawn" project at NeoCon. With a busy newly-wed couple, a clueless intern, a so-called "materials whisperer" and plenty of tequila, the search for "Kurt" ends with few regrets. After all, what happens at Neocon, stays at Neocon.

Sponsored by: Arcadia, Keilhauer, KI, Mohawk Group, OFS

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