Colorful Grid: Mosaic by Felt Right

Colorful Grid: Mosaic by Felt Right

Looking for an effective acoustical wall covering that allows the artist in you to create your own design and even mount it by yourself, all at a reasonable cost? There is nothing like Mosaic by Felt Right to meet those expectations.

Mosaic Solstice

Mosaic Solstice is one of the designs shown when you first visit the website. It consists of different shades of blue, green, gray, mauve and red. Mosaic Solstice is 4’ by 7” and 4’ by 3”. The Mosaic pattern comes in other colors titled Classic, which is like a candy shop with its pinks, peaches, and turquoise colors—very sweet. Autumn features oranges and yellows with splashes of teal, and Lagoon is one for water lovers with a series of cool oceanic hues. What’s more, the website includes its own Design Studio where you can drag and drop tiles until you arrive at your perfect design.

Shaded Mountain by Felt Right

Mosaic is but one of many designs available, but there is an endless selection of other designs you can view on their website. You can also design your own wall and even make the project a family effort if the design is for your home. Commercial as well as residential uses are endless.

Mosaic Autumn

The felt tiles work for residential locations anywhere in the house where you want to add color or interest. For commercial use, the tiles’ acoustical properties help to dampen noise, add a spark of color, or even provide directional instructions. Hallways, schoolrooms, lobbies, hotel rooms, dining areas, lavatories, and entryways are all suitable locations for these easy to use, fun to plan acoustical tiles.   

Mosaic Classic detail

Felt Right’s creator, Talley Goodson, explains “Interior spaces matter. Outdoor spaces matter … I have spent my life and career helping to make both better.” Goodson says that the Felt Right semi-rigid tiles are made from recycled plastic water bottles. According to Goodson, “On average, each of our customers helps keep 110 water bottles out of the waste stream—totaling over 5.5 million water bottles since our founding in 2020.

Mosaic Lagoon

If you like Felt Right, check out their curvaceous option, Color Curve.

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