NeoCon 2024 Preview: Sea Change by CF Stinson

NeoCon 2024 Preview: Sea Change by CF Stinson

CF Stinson is making waves at NeoCon 2024 with Sea Change, a new collection of six artisanal textiles from the seasoned textile manufacturer that reflects the depth and beauty of the ocean while fighting marine plastic pollution.

Stinson teamed up with sustainability champion SEAQUAL® INITIATIVE to use their proprietary SEAQUAL® YARN in these designs. The final product is saltwater-and-sand patterns that reflect sea glass colors, aqueous ripples, white-capped waves, and the sandy expanses of a beachcomber’s paradise.

SEAQUAL® YARN is a 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn made from SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC. Through SEAQUAL initiatives, marine litter is collected from beaches, coastlines, the ocean’s surface and the ocean’s floor, rivers, and estuaries. It is then converted into yarn that is almost identical to virgin polyester.


Our planet has one global ocean, and plastic pollution is wreaking havoc everywhere. Sadly, it’s not getting any better. Frankly, as the years go on, it’s getting worse. All marine life is affected, from fish and sea turtles to whales, birds, and dolphins. If our marine friends ingest it or get tangled in it, their injuries or infections become risks. Microplastics even affect coral reefs by reducing their growth and altering their powerful photosynthetic performance.

Pelicans soaring in a line at sunrise preparing to dive for fish shouldn’t be worried about plastic pollution. Nor should the manatees who are curious beings and want to somersault all day in their warm-watered homes. So, does it seem strange that in our world today choosing a textile such as Sea Change over another is one way of doing your part?

Sea Change textile from CF Stinson with hands holding microplastics

Sea Change reminds us, once again, how interconnected we all are. It is possible to protect marine life and the planet with design decisions. Because our choices do, in fact, make a difference.  

Wellness Essentials from CF Stinson

Last year Stinson won Best of Neo Con 2023 Gold in Healthcare Textiles for their Wellness Essentials (as seen above), a collection which centers around clean lines, an affinity for nature, and simple geometric patterns specifically crafted for healing environments. Stinson also took home a Best of NeoCon 2023 Silver in Textiles/Upholstery for their Shape, Line & Color Collection, “a master class in the Elements of Design with a modern point of view.”

Sea Change textiles from CF Stinson

Sea Change will be on display at NeoCon 2024 from June 10-12 at THE MART in showroom 10-150.

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