NeoCon 2024: Edison Work Bench

NeoCon 2024: Edison Work Bench

Watson’s Edison is a work bench that works with you. But don’t just take my word for it: four NeoCon 2024 awards are a testament to its versatility, function, and good looks.

System with white worktops and green partition screens

Winner in Benching, Furniture Systems, Sustainability, and Business Impact, it seems there’s no category that the eminently adaptable Edison doesn’t have covered.

Edison in linear layout with natural wood

Since benching systems often make up a majority of the floorplate, it’s imperative that they work well but equally important that they don’t compromise the space. Just so, Edison is designed for change: “It’s an adaptable office furniture collection for designers who want complete freedom to lay out an office like never before.”

Flush tables in open arrangement without screens

Configurable systems are at the center of the conversation about how work has evolved, and Edison excels at the very same. The system’s angled rail allows designers to make straight layouts and serpintining arrays with equal facility. Since the rail and workbench have the same system heights, it’s simple to integrate accessories. Thus, screens, planters, and lighting remain integrated and cohesive.

Overhead view of Edison with angled rail arrangement. Worktops in natural wood with gray partitions.

Rounded lifting columns, hand-finished edges, and the simple streamlined design convey aesthetic perks as well.

Edison. Angled configuration. Peach and gray partitions with natural wood worktops

This is a system that looks good, which is quite an asset for firms not only looking to brand build but also to attract and retain top talent.

Sparse office layout with height-adjustable desks in white and gray partition screens

Edison’s height-adjustable workbenches range from 23 to 49 inches. Portrait and landscape screens are available in fabric, acrylic, and markerboard. Power and data are seamlessly routed through hidden rear channels.

Detailed view of power and data routing

Read more about the award-winning Edison and sample some virtual configurations at Watson.

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