Vika by Abstracta

Vika by Abstracta

Vika by Abstracta is a peacekeeper. Like a well-seasoned mediator who knows how to find their center and hold onto it, this ceiling-suspended acoustic luminaire is made to ingeniously dampen low- and high-frequency sounds while simultaneously radiating an atmospheric light. The result? A calm and more in tune environment.

Vika in dark blue over a table

Thanks to its innate abilities, Vika is an excellent moderator. Situate Vika over desks or meeting tables to establish its palms-up-the-noise-stops-here sensibility.

Vika over a meeting area

By design its wing shape obstructs sound waves before they can bounce off the walls and ceiling. The lighting component is a 12V plastic LED tube that is 150 centimeters in length.

Side view of Vika

The outermost covering of Vika is a Texfel fabric with four screen color options. Lighter colors provide a brighter light, while darker colors will be more subdued.

Vika in Dark Blue

Choose the light grey or beige if you’re looking for something a tad more resplendent. Dark grey and dark blue may be ideal for more professional settings.

Vika's Texfel and LED

Everything from its emitting light, with an output of 14.4 W/m and color temperature of 2700 K, to its soft, felt-like material made from recycled PET bottles appears to be forgiving.

Vika in a kitchen setting

Raise it up or lower it down. Vika is wherever you need it to be with its adjustable 3-meter wires. The wire lock is for peace of mind.

Vika is designed by Khodi Feiz. This is his first product for Abstracta.

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