Manito Whiteboard Table + Cross

Manito Whiteboard Table + Cross

Artist/designer Manito is enamored of Crossfit.

Cross Whiteboard and Table
Cross joined with table

Hence, this clever whiteboard/table combo that converts into a desk/all-purpose furnishing: “When combined, it provides a shared area and when used individually you can use the underside of A’s Tabletop for creative activities or organizing schedules.”

In table form with sofa and set with food

Cross pays homage to Crossfit’s use of the whiteboard, an ultra-versatile device that not only adorns offices but also the ubiquitous Crossfit “Box,” where they contain instructions for the dreaded “workout of the day.”

Detail of Cross in whiteboard position
Detail, flat position

This is a sedate iteration, however, geared more towards relaxation, light work, the occasional cup of coffee.

Whiteboard with sofa

Find out more about Manito’s clever creations at Behance.

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