Elemental Wright is an Homage to a Master

Elemental Wright is an Homage to a Master

DesignTex has collaborated with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation for “Elemental Wright,” a new collection featuring three textile designs, two digitally printed wallcoverings, several modular digital designs, and a customized digital rendering that re-issues Wright’s Hillside Theater Curtain drawing.

HIllside theater from Elemental Wright collectioin

Hillside Theater: “a starting point for custom engineered murals, textiles and glass film.”

Grounded in Wright’s core belief that design emanates from nature, the textiles each harness fundamental shapes (the pentagon, the triangle, the circle), as the starting point for “geometric abstractions”—the distillation of natural forms that Wright was known for. Here’s “Pentimento,” a design that uses the pentagon as the palette for a repeating geometry that coalesces into a fascinating floral form.

Pentimento drawing

Pentimento mood board with fabric in pale yellows and pinks
Pentimento fabric on chair

Based on a pattern-study drawing that emerged from the Taliesin Fellowship, Vertex illustrates the potential of the humble triangle, in a grid-like pattern that uses contrasting colors and shading to establish extraordinary depth.

Vertex original line drawing triangles and linear shapes in grid pattern in blues, reds, purples, greens
Vertex fabric from Elemental Wright Collection on chair
Vertex colorful fabric on slim sofa with greenery beyond

Circulate is a playful homage to the circle. Like Vertex, this pattern arranges small geometric forms on a grid-like structure, exploring the repetition seen in nature while also having a bit of fun. Who can resist such a profusion of multi-colored dots?

Circulate fabric, various swatches
Circulate detail of fabric with green background and white, blue, and brown/grey dots
Circulate from Elemental Wright collection on chair

Like the textiles, the wallcoverings in the Elemental Wright collection strive for symmetry among order, pattern, and color. These are ostensibly simplistic designs grounded in precise line drawings, yet the interplay of depth and direction is undeniably dynamic, creating a surprising fluidity that has an enlivening effect.

Fellowship line drawing for wallcovering
Elemental Wright collection Parquet wallcovering lines within squares intersecting on solid color background

Lastly, the Digital Studio Grid Patterns are based on Wright’s predilection for stacked concrete blocks, vertically oriented structures whose simple geometries interact with light and shadow to create dimensionality and depth.

Grid patterns like 3D windows with chair
Grid pattern of lime yellow lines in different depths with stacked ottomans in front
Grid patterns in gray from Elemental Wright collection

Much as Wright aspired throughout his life and work to distill natural forms into essential patterns, Elemental Wright achieves this elusive “abstraction of geometries”—harmonious forms that allow users to feel at home, to experience the pacifying effects of nature within the constructed environment.

creative rendering of Hillside Theater Curtain

See DesignTex to find out more.

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