So Very Cheeky

With Cheeky Chairs—founded and helmed by designer and master upholsterer Kelly Kate Smith—visitors will be surprised as they walk through your door and view your dining room, discovering chairs that feature eye-popping designs and sophisticated elegance.

Cheeky Chairs kitchen chairs with bird-themed upholstery on inset back

Smith upholsters chairs with bright floral backing and plain seats or uses stripes on the seat and boho designs on the backs. Walk down the hallway to the bedrooms, where custom headboards featuring themed upholstered materials become the room’s centerpiece. 

nine different headboard samples

Cheeky Chairs is an interactive shop. Designer Smith helps you design the chairs, headboards, or benches you’ve always dreamed of: she offers ten different headboard shapes or will create your own custom design. 

Headboard close-in view with floral design in red, light blue, white

If vintage is your thing, she’ll help you to create the perfect piece. Working with the customer on the size and shape, she walks you through material selection, even conforming to your budget, which is determined ahead of time based on materials chosen and amount of wood work required. Clients pay for materials separately. And Kelly does all the work by hand. 

Selection of vibrant Cheeky Chairs with upholstered back and seat

Smith is a cheeky young lady and a survivor of breast cancer. She donates 5% of all proceeds to the Breast Cancer Foundation to help make their services available to young people. She’s also an inclusive designer who supports the Etsy community by referring clients to other creators for ideas and purchases. Visit her here.   

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