Salone 2024: Hello, Earth Speaking by The Good Plastic Company and StudioXAG

Salone 2024: Hello, Earth Speaking by The Good Plastic Company and StudioXAG

Earth has plunked itself down in front of a microphone at Milan Design Week. After clearing its throat and squinting against any electrical feedback, I imagine Earth took a breath and kindly—bravely—spoke directly into the mic and said in its Earth-like voice exactly what it came here to say: Dear Humans, how can we design a brighter future?

Hello, Earth Speaking exhibit image

Hello, Earth Speaking, the installation of Earth interceding on behalf of itself, is a collaboration between B Corp-certified StudioXAG and The Good Plastic Company.

Complete image of Hello, Earth Speaking at Milan Design Week 2024

The Good Plastic Company is the leading international manufacturer of sustainable materials with a roster to prove it. They’ve rubbed elbows and collaborated with brands such as Nike, Adidas, IKEA, LUSH, Samsung, McDonalds, and Karl Lagerfeld, among others.

Polygood panel at Hello, Earth Speaking exhibit

The designers of this interstellar exhibit want Earth to be speaking to the international architectural and design community.

Early installation image of Hello, Earth speaking at Milan Design Week 2024

Hoping to promote a shift in ethos at this year’s Milan Design Week, the founder and CEO of The Good Plastic Company Dr. William Chizhovsky remarked, “Our installation underscores the pressing need for a paradigm shift in how architects and designers approach materials and circular design. By transforming plastic waste into a symbol of environmental consciousness, we aim to spark meaningful dialogue and inspire tangible action.”

Humpty Dumpty-looking Earth, speaking

The personified Humpty Dumpty-shaped Earth sculpture with Pluto-like hands and sweet oblong feet and its exhibit is composed entirely of panels of Polygood®, The Good Plastic Company’s revolutionary eco-product.

Product images of Polygood

Polygood is a meta-sounding material, both recycled and recyclable, seemingly here to save us from ourselves.

Polygood pieces from The Good Plastic Company

It’s a high-end material designers have already reincarnated into retail fixtures, interior cladding, flooring, facades, signage, lighting, and window displays. See its Case Study archives here.

Polygood signage in Adidas storefront

Polygood can become pieces of furniture, tabletops, or countertops in bathrooms or kitchens.   

Polygood re-imagined as a kitchen countertop

The Good Plastic Company lauds its versatility. Polygood seems to be everything we need in this day and age. It is every buzz word. Good. Workable. Recycled. Recyclable. Circular. Sustainable. Regenerative. Hygienic. Waterproof. Durable. High-end. And, perhaps its best quality for the design world: it can be beautiful.

The beauty and colors of Polygood

It’s not difficult to imagine the sheer amount of plastic pollution on our planet. One must only conjure an image of an e-waste mountain or scenes from Disney’s Wall-E where trash becomes so prevalent the humans have got to find a new planet, but Polygood seems to be the plastic-pollution fighting superhero we need. It’s ready to tackle the scourge of plastic waste with a roundhouse jump and a karate kick—POW!

Wall-E looking sad

Before Polygood was Polygood it was its own nemesis. It was old refrigerators and freezers tossed out to the curb. Outdated and broken household electronics, CD cases, single-use cutlery from bygone picnics, toys, games, cables, insulation, and tubing. It seems our trash has become a treasure.  

Hello, Earth Speaking is on view at Superstudio Più, Via Tortona 27.

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