Poppin’s QT Lounge Pops with Color

Poppin’s QT Lounge Pops with Color

Before Greta Gerwig’s inspired reinvention of Barbie and re-appropriation of the color pink, there was Poppin’s colorful QT Lounge, available with or without canopy.

QT Lounge in rust with man laughing

Of course, we love it in the blush + dark grey iteration, but as seen above and below, the QT Lounge comes in a wide array of vibrant and contrasting colors.

Detailed view of teal and gray lounge

The dynamic palette is but one reason among many to consider QT, others being privacy, noise reduction, comfort, flexibility, and built-in tabes for “an open office oasis that creates a semi-private meeting area in any communal space.”

Blush QT Lounge

QT is designed to integrate easily with other Poppin components. Scooch up tables, add or remove back panels, sidle it up to additional lounges in lengthy configurations, and integrate power. It’s another ultra-versatile Poppin piece that brings a residential feel to the office, without sacrificing functionality.

Lounge in gray and rust with canopy

Discover more popping products at Poppin.

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