A New Twist on Exterior Facades

A New Twist on Exterior Facades

Construction Specialties has developed a unique and innovative exterior facade solution. Twisted Sunshades features extruded lengths of aluminum with a uniform twist throughout, as if a giant with extraordinary grip strength had taken perfectly rectangular blades and manipulated them into this design-forward glare filtering system.

SCAD Twisted Sunshade

Construction Specialties developed Twisted Sunshades in response to a pair of auspicious architectural projects: 45 at Savannah College of Art and Design and Duquesne Light Co.’s Riazzi Substation in Pittsburgh. A residence hall featuring residential, academic, and wellness facilities, 45—like all SCAD buildings—prioritizes forward-thinking architecture in order to inspire students who are headed for creative careers. Twisted Sunshades is not only a functional approach that reduces glare and cuts down on cooling costs, but also creates a mesmerizing effect: “the play of sunlight and shadow passing across the different blades gives an illusion of movement, capturing the essence of SCAD’s dynamic creative spirit.”

Interior View at SCAD

Located in a dynamic community in southwestern Pennsylvania with multiple cultural destinations as well as hospitals, universities, and research stations, the Riazzi Substation posed a unique challenge for architects: how to make a utilitarian electricity transfer station conform to the high architectural standards of the community. Twisted Sunshades adds visual interest to the 8,000-square-foot, 55-foot-tall building.

Riazzi Substation with Twisted Sunshade facade

“The shade and shadow you get with the twisting is exactly what we hoped for, says Jennifer Szczesniak of PWWG Architects. CS provided 600 twisted fins in 82 panels for the project—”an eye-catching investment in the community with a façade that incorporates an aesthetic design to appeal visually to those passing by.”

Detail of Exterior

Twisted Sunshades may be specified in 12” airfoil blades with a twist rate of 5.625 degrees per foot or 2” x 12” rectangular tube blades with a twist rate of 4.375 degrees per foot. Custom paint and lighting are available for additional architectural interest.

Interior View of Twisted Sunshade facade

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