Women Designers: Exciting New Fabrics from Kelly Wearstler

Women Designers: Exciting New Fabrics from Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler and Lee Jofa have collaborated on a new textile collection—the eighth incarnation between the two making a fitting addition to our celebration of women designers.

Chairs with mustard, diagonal stripes and brown velvet-style fabric

Ranging from earthen hues to deep and dark, inky and abstract, the textiles reference everything from the living lines of Sol Lewitt to the mysterious machinations of braille.

Fabric in white with raised pattern on abstract-style chairs
Fabric next to abstract designs on walls with two chairs and a sofa

Some of the most captivating offerings here take their cue from Pointillism, as in the bluish fabric adorning the chair on the right (above), which seems like a solid inky shade from a distance, but which, on closer inspection, reveals a complex cross-hatching that offers both texture and visual relief.

Kelly Wearstler VIII the designer with upholstery coverings

Wearstler’s textiles bring both life and light to the most avant-garde of furnishings, as shown in the composition below, the fabrics perfectly highlighting the effect of the translucent windows, as they spill slants of many-hued light onto the floor.

Fabric on modernist couch and chair

A palpable presence in design since the 90s, Kelly Wearstler has roots in the hotel industry and now designs throughout residential, retail, commercial, and hospitality spaces. She earned celebrity status via projects with Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz, and was a judge on Bravo’s Top Design reality show in 2007 and 2008. The oeuvre of Kelly Wearstler Studio now extends to architecture, creative direction, and brand identity: “an interdisciplinary global lifestyle brand that is leading the contemporary design conversation with an expansive portfolio of home product designs and brand collaborations.”

Close up of fabric swatches in shades of blue

Find out more at Kelly Wearstler and Kravet.

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