Up-And-Coming Designers: Kira Wilson @ RISD

Up-And-Coming Designers: Kira Wilson @ RISD

Currently studying for a BFA in Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Kira Wilson is already turning out great work, including Loopy Bench.

Loopy Bench details

Made of red oak with a waxed finish, Loopy Bench is designed to capture the sketchy magic of illustrations: “I aimed to make a bench that kept the spirit of the original sketch—gangly and sweetly imperfect—while still maintaining a high quality of craft.” With its loopy legs and undulating sides, Loopy Bench evokes the process of making furniture.

Oak Chest by Kira Wilson

Oak Chest is another piece that emphasizes the creative process. Wilson “painted” on its surface with a #2 pencil. Oak Chest is made of cold-rolled steel that is TIG welded. Its hardware is handmade.

Oak Chest details

Bent Branch Stool also shows the hand of its maker with its turned legs emanating from natural birch logs. Wilson’s other inspirations include a wobbly moose calf, an antique birthing chair, and trees growing through a chain link fence.

Kira Wilson work

Kira Wilson was recently awarded a WithIt Foundation Scholarship for Furniture Design.

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