RENEVV Countertop Food Recycler

RENEVV Countertop Food Recycler

The RENEVV food recycler is a compact, stylish box that dries, grinds, and stores food waste. Now funding through Kickstarter, RENEVV aims to reduce food waste, eliminate food odors, and prevent pests.

RENEVV detail

RENEVV electronic food waste processor transforms indoor food waste. It immediately dries and grinds compostable food waste, reducing its volume by 93.3 percent. The small white box heats the compostable food waste, thereby killing up to 99.9% of bacteria.

woman using RENEVV

For anyone who wants to compost—without attracting bugs—RENEVV is a great option. It’s a cleaner system for storing compost because it turns food waste into clean soil through heat drying and pulverization.

food before RENEVV

RENEVV points out that many countries bury food waste in the ground, which generates methane gas and contributes to global warming. “If food waste decreases by just 20% in a year, methane gas emissions can be reduced by 1.77 million tons, and disposal costs can be saved by $180 billion,” states RENEVV.

food waste after RENEVV

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