Kuba Cloth Pillow Covers by Paulski Art

Kuba Cloth Pillow Covers by Paulski Art

There’s skill and beauty within each of the striking Kuba Cloth Pillow Covers by Paulski Art. Each unique earth-toned pillow celebrates Kuba artistry while elevating the elegance of all things handmade and handwoven.

The Kuba Cloth Pillow Covers are crafted by the Paulski Art team. They use a time-honored (and time consuming) tradition. Each raffia fiber is soaked and dried before it is finally stitched together by hand. Every pillow is patterned on the front and has a plain black poly cotton backing.

Paulski Art is a luxury African boutique based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was born ten years ago out of a love of travel and African design.

Today, co-founders Brooke and Joshua Mgonja are at the helm and they continue to celebrate the rich culture, elegance, and artistic excellence of African décor. Their team is comprised of interior designers who specialize in African décor and cultural artisans.

Paulski founders Brooke and Joshua Mgonja

The complete Paulski Art collection includes authentic and handmade Tonga Baskets, Senufo Stools, tribal figurines, Kuba Cloth Pillows, Makenge baskets, antique masks, and other unique African goods.

In situ designs by Paulski Art

Paulski Art donates 10 percent of annual profits to provide general medicine and primary and secondary books to the village of Udee in the district of Same in northern Tanzania.

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