Book Love: Principle Sofa Bookshelf by Industry West

Industry West‘s Principle Sofa Bookshelf offers an auspicious way to fill your world with books.

Front view bookcase

More specifically, the 62″ wide x 38.2″ deep x 22.8″ high bleach ash wood piece is designed to frame your sofa, thereby providing easy access to books or magazines or whatever other smallish cherished items you may choose to ensconce yourself within.

Principle Sofa bookcase with a few books and magazines

Principle Sofa integrates variously sized spaces, both on top and down below, offering niches to accommodate not only books, but also photos, sculpture, family heirlooms, and generally all variety of decorative tchotchke.

Top detail
Top detail 2 Principle Sofa

Find out more at Industry West. See also atelier United Strangers for further details about the collection.

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