Bento Jot by NOOE

Bento Jot by NOOE

Bento Jot by NOOE (Never Odd Or Even) is a three-layer tray system for creative writing. It includes writing and measuring tools, stationery, and a journal. Inspired by the Japanese bento box, this writing system is both an organizational tool and an innovative, environmentally compatible design that brings order to the creative process.   

Bento Jot is a box and more than a box. Each item has a configured space, and the trays fit together or can be used separately. The strict right angles of a box are curved at the corners, giving the shape a pleasing softness.

Bento Jot trays

Bento Jot uses less plastic than traditional stationary products requiring separate packaging. Each piece includes detailed design: for example, the pen has a magnetic cap.

Bento Jot collage

NOOE produces emotive tools & furniture for home, office, or creative workspaces. The Bento Jot was crowd-funded by Kickstarter.

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