Poetic Palettes: Ultrafabrics Launches Sanctuary Palette

Poetic Palettes: Ultrafabrics Launches Sanctuary Palette

A nest using Sanctuary Palette by Ultrafabrics

The latest Sanctuary Palette from Ultrafabrics evokes that mellow-y, grounded feeling after a really, really good massage. The energy of the body has been grounded, the muscles are warm, and every idea of new beginning shimmers with possibility.

Dreamed up by future-forward AI, the seven new colors of Sanctuary Palette from New York-based Ultrafabrics draws on direct inspiration from Peach Fuzz Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024. Peach Fuzz is a velvety and kind-hearted peach-y color nestled between pink and orange. For all the dissonance in the world, Peach Fuzz is acting as a harmonizing force for 2024.

The color spectrum of Sanctuary Palette

The muted pink, deep maroon, apricot, rusted yellow, and mineral-based beachy neutrals of Sanctuary Palette emanate that deep sense of holistic well-being. These are the colors of a sanctuary space, offering respite and protection from the brutal outside world and creating a safe haven.

The poetic colors of Sanctuary Palette invite everyone to re-connect with their higher mind and find a more grounded and connected spirit. The colors seem to be saying, “Here, come on in and de-stress. Get comfortable. We’ll help you get back to ease.”  

Warm and inviting colors of Sanctuary Palette in situ

Sanctuary Palette by Ultrafabrics offer a promise to enrich everything: body, mind, and soul.

Read more about Ultrafabrics x Pantone’s Peach Fuzz Color of the Year 2024 collaboration here.

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