Medina Bathroom Vanity by West Elm

Medina Bathroom Vanity by West Elm

The Medina Bathroom Vanity by West Elm combines wood, rattan, and quartz to create a modern yet earthy vanity. It’s a style chameleon, at home in boho, traditional, transitional, and modern interiors.

Medina Single Vanity

Medina is available in two finishes: pecan oak and chestnut oak. Its top is made of quartz and the cabinet’s doors have a rattan weave that adds a natural feel to it. Medina Bathroom Vanity comes in Single and Double versions: The single ranges from 30 to 48 inches while the double measures 60 to 72 inches.

Medina Single Vanity open

The weave of the rattan doors gives the piece a handcrafted feel. Rattan is harvested from palm trees found in tropical areas, making it an environmentally friendly material.

Medina Double Vanity

Ninety-two percent of West Elm pieces are designed by in-house employees. West Elm also collaborates with small businesses and artisan collectives from around the globe.

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