La Vie by Slamp

La Vie by Slamp

La Vie is a handmade lamp that evokes the feeling of a complex, vibrant flower whose interlocking petals form unique patterns somewhat like those of a kaleidoscope. Designed by Adriano Rachele for the Italian lighting company Slamp, the lamp is constructed from a unique technopolymer material that is lightweight, durable, and easy to hang with its magnetic system.

La Vie White

La Vie can be a ceiling lamp, or if you wish, hung on a wall to illuminate a special place in your home. La Vie comes in small, medium, or large sizes with color choices of Blue, Orange, White, Multiblue, or Multigreen.

La Vie wall and ceiling lamp

While all of the colors of La Vie are captivating, Orange and Multigreen offer a warm serene feeling—and they complement Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz.

La Vie Blue

For another creative light by Slamp, check out Ceremony chandelier. It’s a swinging, swooping suspension light made of three interlocking rings that hold snaking lines of Cristalflex, Slamp’s unique material that is durable and bright as glass. It harkens back to the slinky, shiny dresses worn by women in the Roaring 20s as they danced the night away.

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