Fulton Market Benches by Landscape Forms

Fulton Market Benches by Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms’ Studio 431 pays homage to Chicago’s historic meatpacking district with custom benches featuring laminated Alaskan Cedar.

Wood and steel bench

The historical district is now a bustling commercial center, and the custom benches strike a nice balance between the area’s historical identity and its cultural evolution.

side view of custom bench for the Fulton Market

The benches’ combination of old growth timber and steel evokes the past while celebrating the present with an industrial chic aesthetic: “The Alaskan yellow cedar seats are reminiscent of thick timber beams, and the steel powdercoated structure, laser-cut with Fulton Market identity, reminds visitors of the district’s gritty, industrial past while branding its dynamic future.

Bench with Fulton Market branding

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