At Design Miami: Nick Thomm’s Pyramid Table

At Design Miami: Nick Thomm’s Pyramid Table

Exhibiting this week as part of the festival‘s “Where We Stand” curatorial theme, Nick Thomm’s transcendent Pyramid table is an intimate expression of the designer’s inner vision.

Pyramid table with black base, black radius, and interior of yellow, magenta, purple

Displayed at the show in concert with a spectral projection of complementary colors, the interaction of light and object creates an otherworldly display: blues and purples contained in what appears to be a viscous bubble inch across the fiery pinks and oranges of the tables. It’s rather like an eclipse on Jupiter or Mars and must be seen to be believed.

Table with pink pyramid and top punctured by tip of pyramic

Thankfully, designer Thomm has you covered. Partner Basic Space is hosting a video of the exhibit for those who can’t make it to the show. Here’s Thomm at work on some larger format projects.

Artist/designer Nick Thomm at work in his studio

The tables themselves are made of birch wood, aerosol, resin, and ink.

Pyramid table orange and black

See Basic Space to find out more.

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