You’ll Want More than a Pair of Theo Tables

You’ll Want More than a Pair of Theo Tables

From the team that brought you the versatile and innovative Gradient, Theo is an all-in-one conference table that transforms to and fro, fore and aft, this way and that into the ideal size and function you need.

Theo cutout with transparent top and green steel base

Beginning at the base, it’s a telescoping affair that expands in length and height, up to a full 204″ long for the largest table.

Theo conference table gray laminate top and white legs

Then, there’s the choice of tops. Pair offers racetrack, 4″-radius, and square-corner styles, all in a variety of sizes and materials—from veneer to laminate to a range of stunning metals.

Multiple tables, view from above with varied profiles, tops, lengths and widths

Lastly, if it wasn’t smart, it wouldn’t be from Pair. Theo features the subtle detail of open legs for cable routing, a feature that syncs with the company’s Bento, Dean, Burelé, and Pepper—four different styles of power and data integration that keep Theo well-organized and clutter-free.

Diagram of Theo table's different integrated power options
Small table with grey top with laptop and lamp

Lastly, Theo is “bizarrely affordable for a custom sized table.” The modular aspect keeps cost down, while allowing users to specify exactly what they need.

Theo conference table wood top with light green legs

If you’d like to learn more, go to Pair.

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