Radium Desk by Edward Johnson

Radium Desk by Edward Johnson

How does the gravity-defying Radium Desk do it?

Radium two views of drawers

From the front, it seems to be a fairly conventional if meticulously crafted desk.

Front view of bespoke desk

But at different proximity and angles, it appears to break the laws of physics.

Side view of Radium desk showing curved leg

The answer is to be found—on closer examination—in the asynchronous construction. One leg sports a surprising curve, crafted by Johnson from “many strips of stacked laminated timber that are then sculpted and shaped by hand.”

Radium detail: wood, metal, leather

Radium offers more surprises besides. As the image above shows, it contains a metal insert detail and elegant Leather top.

Shiraz leather sample

Radiant is a bespoke item. Interested parties may choose from three sizes, four metals, five woods, and eight entrancing leathers.

Radium angled view

See Edward Johnson Studio to find out more.

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