Mwasi Armoire by Kim Mupangilaï

Mwasi Armoire by Kim Mupangilaï

Mwasi means “woman” or “girl” in Congolese Tshiluba, a native dialect of the birthplace of designer Mupangilaï’s father.

Mwasi accompanied by bench and table

The designer uses the term to quantify this extraordinary armoire, a piece that evinces exploration of her Congolese roots.

Detail of armoire's upper corner

Made of Teak wood and rattan, Mwasi pays homage to traditional Congolese materials while also referencing femininity with Mwasi’s curvaceous silhouette and stunning supportive “leg.”

Mwasi open

Mwasi is enchanting and a bit unnerving too, deftly portraying the synchrony between Mupangilaï’s African and European roots: “I started thinking about my own cultural landscape and background and upbringing and wanted to dig deeper… prompting the idea of merging or exploring my two heritages.”

Front view of armoire

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