Dohui: the Un-Chair Chair

Dohui: the Un-Chair Chair

With her Dohui Chair, designer Dohui Kim asks the pervasive sociological question: “What if you could ‘un-chair’ yourself.”

Dohui chair detail

It’s a deconstructive gesture in which we’re prompted to consider the shapes of chair-less bodies as the litmus for what a truly congenial chair should be.

Dohui Kim demonstrating different floor sitting postures

The answer according to Kim is Dohui, seating that resembles us anatomically, and in so doing not only offers bodily comfort but emotional solace too: “People get attached to their resemblance to shapes… Dohui makes us feel friendly and affectionate in a similar way to me.”

Chair with seated person superimposed on it

The comfortable posture is matched by comforting colors: an earthy orange, biophilic green, and calming blue.

Three colors of the chair as seen from above

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