Walls of Wonder

Walls of Wonder

Is a painted wall an artifact of design?

wall painted in light blue and red/white in the form of long triangles

It is while in the hands of Jan van der Ploeg, whose dynamic designs grace walls across Germany and The Netherlands and even far on the other side of the equator as in this outdoor mural in Foxton, New Zealand.

Outdoor mural with curvy shapes in orange, white, blue, black

His style tends towards vivid colors and big blocks of contrasting-tone geometric designs, but he also authors dazzling displays of Escher-esque complexity.

Jan van der Ploeg painted wall with blue lines intersecting in a rectangular form
Mural in loft-like space with tongue depressor forms in vivid colors on a black background

You’ll find his work at the Piet Hein Eek hotel in Eindhoven and the Museum Für Konkrete Kunst in Ingoldstadt, as well private residences and various outdoor venues.

Wall in bedroom painted in white, blue, red squares on black background

Find out more at Studio Jan Van Der Ploeg.

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