Sheltering Skies

Sheltering Skies

Spacestor invites you to stay away from the fray but connected to the buzz.

Portals in gray different widths next to different Spacestor product

The company’s new Portals concept is part pod, part customizable workspace respite—tailored to individual needs.

Two individual workspace sheltered areas with standing desks, one with enhanced width

The buzz about portals pertains to options. Recognizing that employees thrive in a workspace that, for lack of a better term, just “fits,” they designed portals for individual appeal. This translates to options: built-in seating, height-adjustable desk, or bring-your-own chair; open or with glass door; different dimensions for height, width, and depth; and interior finish with matching upholstery or contrasting graphic design.

Thumbnail images depicting the many options

Portals are also made for aesthetically pleasing integration with other Spacestor products. The variable heights align with the company’s Railway Carriage, Railway Max, and Residence. They may also be freestanding or built-in, as in this dynamic design in which Portals ring the room, leaving a large open area in the space’s center.

Portals ringing a workspace area, many different sizes and options

Other perks include optional wheelchair access, glass-door retrofits on certain models, and excellent sound-attenuation via the upholstered walls.

Portals single unit with green exterior and light green interior integrated with other Spacestor pods
Portal, built-in seating and desk with monitor and woman working

Read more at Spacestor and check out the product configurator as well as the great number of finish offerings, including exteriors in high-pressure laminate, low-pressure laminate, and lacquered plywood; and interiors in Kvadrat and Camira upholstery.

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