Remove the Guesswork with CDA Wood

Remove the Guesswork with CDA Wood

As the proprietors of CDA (Coeur d’ Alene) Wood point out, yes, barn wood is unparalleled for its beauty and evocation of history, but it’s also quite difficult to obtain and even trickier to process, with rot, mold, and nail heads being just a few of the obstacles.

CDA Wood mantel

It’s definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” concepts. New wood is aged with heat and UV light until it achieves the desired patina of barn wood, for a no-paints, no-stains, no-VOC product complete with the subtle gradations that make the look so warm and welcoming.

CDA Wood decorative wall and bar base in restaurant

CDA Wood can be used just like any other. Applications include trim boards, mantels, decorative walls, and doors, just to name a few.

CDA Wood barn door in bedroom

The company offers custom pieces like countertops, as well as DIY-friendly products like the “Accent Wall in a Box,” which ships 40 linear feet and approx. 18.33 square feet of coverage to consumers for $56.98 plus shipping.

Accent wall with many different shades of wood
Custom countertop

CDA Wood’s products may also be used for exterior applications.

Nice mountain home with CDA barnwood on the exterior

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