Daring Desk and More from Alessandro Mendini

Daring Desk and More from Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini, the famed Italian designer who died in 2019, is speaking to us from the beyond with Porro’s recent debut of Linea, a new collection curated by Fulvia and Elisa Mendini, “from research into the Alessandro Mendini archive resulting in the rediscovery of pieces with a timeless design.”

cupboard in blue with open door

We are thus given three new pieces: the compact console/bureau pictured above, a corresponding open-style version in yellow, and the prescient convertible cupboard/desk in red.

Convertible desk in open position

With their Mondrian-inspired palette, rigorously geometrical composition/decoration, and textural inlaid surfaces, Linea is light and bright, evocative and dynamic—pragmatic pieces that provoke artistic curiosity and inspire a child-like joie de vivre.

Yellow, open

See Porro to find out more.

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