Creature Feature: Halloween Bestiary 2023

Creature Feature: Halloween Bestiary 2023

For Halloween 2023, we decided to revisit some of our favorite beastly wonders from the world of design. We need to start with Edra, the Italian brand known for its fabulous conceptual furniture. Boa is a snakelike jumble of velvet meant to replace the traditional sofa with its old-fashioned arms and legs. This velutinous animal was designed by the incomparable Campana brothers.

Pack by Edra

Pack is another Edra creation: a polar bear lying on its side on a great ice floe. Although it’s quite arctic in white, Pack in black is more fitting for Halloween. This design comes from the mind of Francesco Binfaré.

Mussels by Bomma

If you’re looking for something more aquatic (perhaps for fans of Creature from the Black Lagoon), Mussels might be in order. The bivalve by Bomma is beautiful and brilliant.

Hackney Empire wallpaper

Nobody does dark and devious like British studio House of Hackney. Hackney Empire wallpaper showcases sloths and badgers drinking and smoking, as well as other wild animals who look like they are plotting something.

Pingy by Magis

Most people will not find Pingy all that scary. However, the penguins designed by the great Eero Arnio have a touch of wickedness, especially in a waddle.

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