3D Porcelain Surfaces by De Marchi Verona

3D Porcelain Surfaces by De Marchi Verona

3D Porcelain surfaces by De Marchi Verona give a unique look to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Available in metallic, neutral, and bold colors, the architectural surfaces offer high performance in an elegant package.

Calipso pattern porcelain surface

Designed by Art Director Giacomo Totti, the textural surface coverings are made in Italy using the company’s high-tech equipment. Because the porcelain is fired at very high temperatures, it is extremely durable. The porcelain surfaces remain “unchanged by pollution, weather, and fluctuations in temperature, which make it ideal as wall coverings and external façades,” according to De Marchi Verona. The 3D surfaces are also waterproof, so they can be used in swimming pools as well.

Calipso porcelain 3D surface

Created as 3D modules, De Marchi’s porcelain surfaces are entirely customizable. Calipso, which is named after the goddess of the sea, resembles rippling waves. The design is available in lustrous metallics, as well as matte finishes.

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