SYT by BURG Student Theda Vollert

SYT by BURG Student Theda Vollert

Behold the SYT Chair, designed to encourage movement. Theda Vollert, a student at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, worked through various prototypes to get to the current version of SYT Chair. It shows what an inventive mind can do with tubular steel, Danish cord, and recycled leather.

Syt chair prototypes

Traditional chairs encourage “a static posture for which our anatomy is not actually created.” To solve this, Theda Vollert used a rotating backrest.

SYT chair

SYT accommodates multiple positions. According to Theda Vollert, “SYT invites you to discover the possibilities of different postures and to give space to movement.”

Theda Vollert at work
woman sitting

Via Core 77.

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