HAT Collective and Gensler Give Us Fiellø

HAT Collective and Gensler Give Us Fiellø

Who among us hasn’t fantasized about being Danish? Well, if not Danish specifically, at least Scandinavian. And if not that, at a bare minimum, having some furniture with a Scandinavian aesthetic.

Fiellø desk in black in modern office

Apropos of that, meet Fiellø: sleek, sophisticated, minimalist; clean lines and lean, lovely legs; and, of course, plenty of perks that transcend the aesthetic—from wireless charging, to discrete storage, one-touch height adjustability, and curved ribbon dividers crafted from wood or recycled PET.

close up view of sit-stand desk with thin profile drawer

Fiellø boasts a nice materials palette too: all-steel PVC-free frames in three powder-coat colors, five different wood-fiber worksurface colors (made from 100-percent pre-consumer recycled
wood fiber that’s CARB II-compliant), and dividers available in Oak or Walnut finish.

Fiellø with oak divider

For the statistically-inclined or fans of FitBit, Fiellø also incorporates a personal health tracker option with visual sit-stand reminders and Bluetooth control to save favorite settings and set goals for sit-stand activity. There’s also a clever under-desk accessory hook for users to employ as they see fit.

Detail of under-surface hook with headphones

“With Gensler as product design consultant, Fiellø beautifully combines Danish aesthetics, intuitive design and essential technology into an advanced desking solution tailor made for today’s
dynamic workplace.”

Fiellø desk with bag

See HAT Collective to find out more.

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