Vaask Takes Hand Sanitizing to the Next Level

Vaask Takes Hand Sanitizing to the Next Level

From the team that brought us Big Ass Fans—a long time 3rings favorite—comes Vaask, an impeccably designed hand-sanitizing station that’s svelte, smart, and especially for you.

Vaask example of color palette with a unit in yellow

The first thing you’ll notice about Vaask is its streamlined aspect: no bulky, unsightly tank full of solution, but rather a slick spout with an aesthetically pleasing backdrop, tempting all with the prospect of a vivid color palette or customized design.

Woman using hand-sanitizer dispenser with custom sunshine graphic

Thankfully, users won’t have to peak behind the scenes. But if they did they’d find an AC- or Ether-powered motor, large sanitizer tank (holds nearly twice that of other dispensers), and a precision laser-sensing mechanism that dispenses just the right amount—no concern for drips, spills, and consequent clean-up.

Vaask insides with motor and tank visible

Other perks? Vaask is ADA-compliant, with three installation options; it’s sustainable with tremendous potential for reducing plastic waste and local manufacture right here in the U.S.; and it’s durable, with cast aluminum construction and a laboratory-grade pump that lasts through 500,000+ doses.

Vaask gold spout on black backdrop with gold wall

Vaask’s aesthetic options are just about endless. With precision color matching, multiple metal finish options, replication of textures like wood or marble, and the option of incorporating graphics, Vaask may be custom-branded or just designed to match your personal style.

Little girl dispensing hand sanitizer with pink wall backdrop

Lastly, the name is inspired by the Norwegian word for wash, “prounounced V-ahh-sk, like a breath of fresh air.”

Vaask with sea foam backdrop on gray wall outside of yoga studio

Visit Vaask to find out more.

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