Adorn the Office With Magnuson Accessories

Adorn the Office With Magnuson Accessories

Feel like your workspace is missing something?

Magnuson office space before accessories

Magnuson reminds us that dressing it up doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Beginning with an exceptionally simple staple like the Newport Tool Rail, this space transforms with just a handful of coordinating accessories.

Tool Rail close up

The Tool Rail above creates a nexus of production with its adjustable pencil cup and intuitive phone mount. Then the corner of the space becomes a fount of greenery with a cool assortment of Kaskad Planters.

Kaskad Planter in stainless steel
Kaskad tall planter in white with tall table and chrome chairs

Finish it off with Magnuson’s Baldas and Naname, a streamlined shelving system and thin-as-a-rail coat rack, “for a suite of smart accessories that let you perfect your set-up.”

Workplace after photo with coat rack, shelving, tool rail and plants.

See Magnuson to find out more.

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