Amorim Cork Underlayment

Amorim Cork Underlayment

Did you know that what goes under your floor is every bit as important as what goes on top?

Partially floored room with view of cork underlayment for LVT

Amorim Cork Underlayment for LVT.

Amorim Cork brings home this point in a big way with recent Dynamic Load and Compressive Creep tests—depicted in a fanciful yet accurate way below.

weightlifter dropping weight on a room with half cork underlayment and half foam

The tests revealed that cork underlayments substantially outperform foam, showing that cork is the best option for durability and performance over the long term for all types of floors, including ceramic, laminate, wood or LVT/SPC.

Amorim Cork underlayment with Wood floor

Cork Underlayment with wood-based flooring.

If you should happen to encounter a 250 lb. Russian weightlifter doing clean and press repeats in your living room, you’d definitely want cork as your underlayment: “After 100,000 cycles of high loads, cork only loses 5% of its thickness, while a foam solution loses 55% of its thickness.”

Three people examining samples of compressed underlayment to compare foam and cork

Using an underlayment from Amorim Cork is a good choice in less extraordinary circumstances too. Not only does cork resist compression over the long haul, which helps maintain the integrity of the floor, it’s also a better choice from an environmental perspective: “independent studies carried out by the consultancy firm EY concluded that all the analyzed products have a negative carbon balance, when considering carbon sequestration from cork oak forests and production-related emissions.” Nor does cork emit harmful VOCs like petroleum-based products.

Room with unfinished flooring to depict Amorim Cork underlayment

And speaking of environmental credentials, cork is a natural insulator, thus improving the trifecta of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and resistance to liquid—all of which makes a good case for cork as the preferred choice for “what lies beneath.”

Stone floor in bathroom with cork underneath

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