Bjelin’s Floors Are So Good They Had to Invent a New Category

Bjelin’s Floors Are So Good They Had to Invent a New Category

Bjelin (formerly Välinge Flooring) is taking the concept of engineered hardwood to the next level with the “Hardened” wood flooring line, offering “the unmistakable feel and luxury of a real wood floor combined with next-level durability and resistance to water.”

Bjelin flooring wide plank oak on second-floor stair landing

The advantages over conventional hardwood and engineered hardwood floors are encapsulated in the layers that make up the product. Bjelin Hardened Wood begins with a “sliced” layer of real wood (as opposed to a sawn layer) that’s so thin it maximizes lumber usage by a factor of ten. This finish layer adheres to a wood-based powder layer, followed by a Compositek Core, which in turn is sandwiched by another wood-based powder layer, and finally the backing.

Schematic of interior of Bjelin Hardened Wood plank

The resultant product not only cuts down on lumber used but also outperforms other wood floors, with better impact-resistance, noise attenuation, and a stronger seal against liquid spills and the eventual wear caused by wet mopping.

detail of floor with water being spilled on it

This last attribute is achieved with Bjelin’s 5G Dry waterproof technology installation system that prevents liquid from seeping between floor panel joints, resulting in less edge swelling and better overall maintenance of shape.

installation image of Bjelin Hardened Wood flooring

Bjelin offers 11 different looks for the Hardened Wood Flooring line, including old favorites like Oak Nature Honey and more daring looks such as the rich Terra Brown in Walnut.

Natural oak Honey floor in baby's room
Dark oak in living room with Eames chair
Ash Hardened Wood flooring

Read more about the new Hardened Wood technology and browse the entire line at Bjelin.

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