Aspire to Great Heights

Aspire to Great Heights

If you’re in need of a new patio, or deck, or rooftop pergola, or any outdoor space that needs surfacing, check out Aspire Pavers.

Aspire Pavers on rooftop with comfy chairs looking out over city

At one-third the weight of traditional concrete-based or brick pavers, Aspire eliminates much of the grunt work traditionally associated with hardscapes.

Gray pavers with comfy outdoor furniture and planters

This is a composite product made of post-consumer recycled rubber and plastic. They’re LEED-certified and require significantly less energy to produce—emitting up to 95% less CO2 than concrete.

installation of Aspire Pavers

And they’re a poor-to-middling DIYer’s dream. Aspire employs a patented grid system: installers simply click them in to an under-layment sheet—a system that saves around 40% total time compared to traditional installs.

Install pic with underlayment visible and underside of pavers showing interlocking system

They’re also durable and long-lasting. Aspire pavers resist stains and cracking. Nor do they require sealing or staining. And cleaning is as simple as a quick hosing-off.

Patio detail with red and sand-colored pavers

Applications include rooftops, balconies, patios, decks, walkways, and driveways. As the images show, many colors and styles are available, enabling users to reproduce the look of concrete and brick, or to incorporate more vibrant and outlandish styles for a novel look.

View from above in-ground pation with reddish, brownish, and blue-colored pavers and dining table

Find out more at Aspire Pavers.

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