Tarkett Even Plane for Super Soft Footfalls

Tarkett Even Plane for Super Soft Footfalls

Adding to LVT’s pedigree of durability, versatility, and aesthetic choice, Tarkett has developed a new line whose calling card is extraordinary sound damping.

Even Plane chevron pattern with lounge chairs

English Oak. From Tarkett’s Even Plane line.

With the clever tagline, “Psst, we have an announcement to whisper,” the renowned brand introduces Even Plane, a luxury vinyl tile that offers top-of-its-class acoustical performance. Testing shows that the new product dampens the sound of nearby foot traffic 30% more than what building codes require (based on a six-inch concrete slab with drop ceiling).

Natural wood LVT strips in open workspace with cafe tables, lounge chairs, and sofa

Natural Wood Even Plane LVT.

Beyond the boon of a more sonorous work environment, Even Plane makes some strides in durability too. With a 32 mil wear layer and Tarkett’s proprietary Techtonic protection, Even Plane holds up well to scratches, scuffs, dings and dents.

LVT by Tarkett with a look of plush carpet in office waiting room

The product also cements LVT’s chameleon-like ability to approximate materials. The line includes Chevron Cement (above), as well as wood, stone, and textile visuals. What’s more, multiple tile and plank sizes are available: “they can be mixed and matched in a variety of creative combinations and layouts… whether you’re creating a soothing atmosphere for quiet, focused work or a vibrant collaboration space.”

Even Plane LVT in gray next to Tarkett modular carpet tile with modern hair and plush sofa

Even Plane installed next to Tarkett’s modular carpet tile. Without the need for transition strips, installation is faster and more cost-efficient.

See Tarkett to find out more.

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