NES Outdoor Kitchen by Bsinergy

NES Outdoor Kitchen by Bsinergy

If you’d like to turn the extension of your indoor space into an extension of your kitchen, look no further then the NES Outdoor Kitchen by Bsinergy.

NES outdoor kitchen purple, cutout

Designed by Massimo Cavana, the outdoor kitchen stands apart for its convenience and aesthetic. In addition to offering superior durability, the aluminum structure and facing gives it a compelling look: the uniform vertical grooves create a refined aspect, as it resembles an elegant credenza more than a typical outdoor oven.

aluminum detail of outdoor kitchen in purple

In addition to the cooktop and sink, the NES Outdoor Kitchen offers a modular storage concept: “it owes its flexibility to an open element, which lightens the entire kitchen block and allows it to be adapted to different spaces.”

NES outdoor kitchen in light gray

Options for the top include stainless steel and porcelain stoneware. The body comes in both anodized and metallic color finish, with various color options.

Outdoors shot of the NES outdoor kitchen in purple with tile-roofed houses in the distance

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