Blade Ceiling Tiles and Panels by Unika Vaev

Blade Ceiling Tiles and Panels by Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev, industry leader in dampening sound, and improving overhead appearances to boot, is off to a running start in 2023 with Blade FR + MR ceiling tiles and panels.

Blade ceiling tiles in split-level workspace with woman walking down the stairs

wood slat drop-in ceiling in workspace with rep carpet and comfy seating

The collection, a collaboration with Instyle, lives up to the razor-honed intimation of the name. Blade offers a sleek and streamlined aesthetic in beautifully crafted wood: available in 10 finishes, six profiles, and two sizes.

Blade ceiling tiles above reception station

Unika Vaev wood panels on wall in sunny restaurant

Both the panels and tiles provide superior sound absorption, giving all those high-ceilinged bistros and atriums pleasant acoustics, as well as a virtual work of art overhead (and on the walls, as above).

inset wood ceiling over collaboration space

Unika Vaev's modular, drop-in design gives Blade the edge for versatility and ease of installation. In addition to the different profiles and finishes, users may choose from fire-retardant and moisture-resistant bases.

Blade panels on wall and ceiling

Find out more at Unika Vaev.

Posted February 1, 2023 by Joseph Starr

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