Klip by Normann Copenhagen

Klip by Normann Copenhagen

I am not ashamed to admit that I’m currently in love with Danish designer Simon Legald. I blame it on his Klip light for Normann Copenhagen, an unabashedly practical object.

I write A LOT about design, and one of my pet peeves is conceptual pieces that are unusable (or hard to clean). Legald clearly thinks about functionality: “If you understand the product, it does not need any explanation. The essence of my design is for it to be bought and used.” Amen!

green Klip lamp on side table

Klip is honest, transparent, simple, and beautiful. The light clips onto anything from nightstands and bookshelves to tables and desks. Available in black, white, green, and warm gray, Klip features a convenient clip-on system that includes hidden silicone pads, which protect the surfaces where you clip Klip.

living room with sofa and Klip lamp

Repositionable using an aesthetically pleasing knob, Klip emits both direct and indirect light, depending on where it’s placed. The base and conical shade connect with a joint that turns 360 degrees, so the light is adjustable in any direction. Klip is perfect for small spaces, which makes it a lamp after my own heart. Space is at a minimum in my house, and bookshelves take up quite a lot of the available room. A Klip on every shelf would bring in much-needed reading light without taking up floor, wall, or table space. Let there be light!

For other honest products by Simon Legald, check out Tap, his three-legged stool, or the compact Era Sofa.

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